And A Little Bit About Us

Surplus Recovery LLC

We are here to help those who have gone through the hardship of a foreclosure. Life after a foreclosure can be difficult but believe it or not there may be a positive outcome.


Huh? What are you talking about? Did you know that once a property goes through a foreclosure auction there may be a surplus (money) just waiting to be claimed. That surplus minus liens, court fees, etc… should go to the previous owner.


How did you get into this business? In a slightly different manner. The state where I live has a website which allows for the collection of what is termed “unclaimed property”. I initially heard about it on the radio and when sharing with a co-worker, quickly found that she had a small sum of money that was available to her from a deposit she had left over from a cell phone carrier.


But guess what. The money didn’t show under her current address but instead one of her former addresses from a couple of years ago. I told her of the process to go about retrieving those funds then immediately thought of ways to help others but on a larger scale. Because I had previously invested and rehabbed real estate, dealing with liens, title searches, county officials and attorney’s, this seemed like a natural fit.   

How It Works

The unfortunate part is after a foreclosure auction when there is a surplus, that money is not just sent to the previous owner. That would be the right thing to do. However when it comes to our government, the easy thing to do is to not always the right thing to do. In some states there are specific timelines which must be met for the release of these funds to the previous homeowner. Why contact the previous homeowner when you can keep the money yourself?


So how can you claim the surplus funds which are due to you? You hire us (at no upfront cost) and we go to work on your behalf to research and help recover those surplus funds. Those funds belong to you, not the county, local government, or state. The process starts with an easy call to (630) 551-8453. 


Next Steps

Call, email or fill out the contact form on our website. We will email or mail the necessary forms to get the process started. Have the forms signed and notarized where necessary. Return the forms to us through the mail. We handle the rest.


Whoa. Not so fast. Why would I hire you? Can’t I just do this myself? Absolutely. Unfortunately the process is not always setup in the best way to benefit the claimant. First of all you must establish that there are surplus funds. Then who do you go to in order to claim those funds. County trustee or courts? Do you know if there are liens or other claims on the property? Where do you find that information? There are specific legal forms to fill out and in most cases if you want to do this properly, you better hire an attorney. 


The above is the simple case scenario. It only gets more complicated from there.  However if the money being held is $5,000 or $100,000, we know it can be a life changing situation. We are here to help. Just click the CONTACT button in the upper right to get started. 

Do you have Any Questions?

Feel free to email us at or give us a ring at (630) 551-8453